Terelak Fine Arts
1 Whale Cove Road
Rockport, MA 01966
(978) 546-6465
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"Times Square"

26"w x 32"h
Call for Price
Oil on Canvas

artwork artwork "Vermont Landscape"

20"w x 24"h
Oil on Canvas

"Blue Monday"

30"w x 40"h
Oil on Canvas

artwork artwork "Racing the Sunset"

30"w x 40"h
Oil on Canvas

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"Thacher Island"

20"w x 24"h
Oil on Canvas

artwork artwork "Study for Rockport Regatta"

20"w x 24"h
Oil on Canvas

"Morning Light"

30"w x 30"h
Oil on Canvas

artwork artwork "Rainy Day NYC"

30"w x 40"h
Oil on Canvas

"Swan Boats"

30"w x 40"h
Oil on Canvas

artwork artwork "Rough Seas"

18"w x 24"h
Oil on Canvas

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